Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP UK) Annual Conference with the BPA

The Profession We Want: Practical Ways to Improve Philosophy

Venue: University of Manchester, Arthur Lewis Building

Dates: 15th (10.30-5.30) - 16th (10-5.30) May 2017

Keynote Speaker:

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!  Â£25 full price / £20 SWIP members / £10 student and unwaged, all including lunch, tea & coffee. Conference dinner £25 / £15 not including drinks. Some Analysis Trust bursaries are available to cover half of the accommodation costs for current postgraduate and underemployed recent postgraduate students; if you would like to be considered, please email me at the email address below.

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: We also will be running the sessions in the main conference room (not including Tuesday afternoon) as a ‘virtual conference’. If it works properly, virtual delegates will be able to watch the talks, see the slides/handouts, and ask questions. But we’re not promising that it’ll work properly. If you would like to register for the virtual conference (free, but no refreshments!), please check the conference website nearer the time.

The discipline of philosophy has for a long time been a needlessly difficult environment for women and the members of other marginalised and/or minoritised groups (including, but not limited to, groups marginalised/minoritised on the basis of race, class, disability status, and sexual orientation). Some progress has been made, especially over the last few years, in understanding and responding to the causes and consequences of this fact.
In the UK, this includes the success of the BPA-SWIP Good Practice Scheme, the expansion of Athena Swan scheme to philosophy and other humanistic disciplines in the UK, and the forthcoming introduction of the Race Equality Charter. Other encouraging signs include initiatives made by some departments, student groups, journals, and learned societies.

In this context of understanding and change, SWIP is seeking to lay further foundations for progress by identifying effective ways to practically respond to these problems at a departmental, national and disciplinary level. This crucially involves identifying effective strategies, implementing urgent actions, and allocating specific tasks to organisations, groups or individuals who are in a position to monitor and develop them. This conference is devoted to these aims.
As well as offering theoretical resources, we are interested in talks and sessions with a more practical character. Accordingly, the second afternoon of the conference will be devoted to a two-part collaborative planning session, in conjunction with the BPA. The first half of this session will aim to identify actions of immediate priority and strategies for implementing these, and the second half will aim to establish which organisations, groups or individuals are best able to take these on and how they can be supported to carry them out.

Conference organisers: Helen Beebee, Katharine Jenkins, Ian Kidd, Jenny Saul

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION is available on the conference webpage,
If you have any specific access needs not addressed there, do please contact me directly with any queries. If you have needs that have cost implications (e.g. BSL interpreter), please get in touch; we may be able to fund this.



For queries or more information contact Helen Beebee, Katharine Jenkins, Ian James Kidd, or Jennifer Saul

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