Online form: Request to join the scheme as a mentee

SECTION 1: About you


Position and institution:1

Email address:

Phone number:

Address for correspondence:

Primary area(s) of research and/or teaching:

1 If you are a PhD student, state your year of study.

SECTION 2: Your preferences

Please place a 1 and 2 next to your most and second-most important preferences when matching you with a mentor.

Gender of mentor


Subject area2

Specify (e.g. analytic, continental, historical etc):

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Family responsibilities

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At least some face-to-face meetings3


Other preferences

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2 Please note that the more specific you are, the less likely we are to be able to meet your preference. You can select both a general heading (analytic/continental) and a more specific one of your choice if you like (this only counts as one preference), so that we will try to meet the more general one if we can't meet the more specific one.

3 If you would like some face-to-face meetings with your mentor, please note that (unless the mentor volunteers otherwise) you will be expected to do the travelling. We will prioritise close geographical location with your institution or correspondence address if you select this option. (If you have just put your institutional address above and this is a long way from where you live, you might want to specify your home location.)

SECTION 3: Further information

If there is anything else you would like us to know that you would like us to take into account when assigning a mentor, please tell us. Also, it would help us if you could say a bit about why you would like to join the scheme.


It is recommended that you print this form out before submitting it.

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